Build a house. Make it home.

The principle behind PatrickM.Design is two-fold; a connection with and commitment to the client.

'Connection' implies an ease of communication, shared values, common goals, and, above all, respect. 'Commitment' implies that your trust in us equals our dedication to your project.


            "Creativity is a massive umbrella, and I like to think my life falls under it quite nicely. While ‘Interior Designer’ is the most recent notch in my belt, it’s far from the first creative step I’ve taken in my career. From an early passion for the performing arts, to an education in film, to roles producing, directing, and appearing on some of Canada’s biggest reality and awards shows, I have run the gamut of the creative spectrum.

             Interior design, in hindsight, has been the through-line of my life. Since the ripe age of six, I was harassing my mother to help me rearrange my room, paint my bathroom, and take trips to the design mecca known as IKEA. My, how the times have changed. You could say these are the roots of my passion for design and architecture. From here, I’ve honed my skills and developed a keen eye for functional, beautiful, comfortable, and inviting spaces.

            The official beginning to my interior design career began with some simple redecorating projects for friends while working as a freelance television producer. Over time, the activity I once thought of as only a hobby grew to become my next professional endeavor. So, I enrolled in UCLA’s interior design program, packed my bags, and drove my trusty sedan from Toronto to LA.

            I have worked alongside several seasoned designers on projects varying from simple stages to full-blown residential renovations. Each project, big or small, and each task, from placing a macramé tapestry to collaborating with structural engineers, has enriched my passion and enhanced my desire to design."   - Patrick Maziarski